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Media Lab


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Content Board

Description: Help discover fresh and high quality content curated by a community of long time content experts. Content board distributes your content aggregation to multiple channels like chrome extension or embed it into your web application or CMS. You can add unlimited number of articles without any limitation under the tags that represent the content most.

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Building Influencers

Description: “30 Days of Camp” is your all-in-one solution to becoming a successful influencer in just 30 days. Our expert team provides you with comprehensive training and guidance, helping you to grow your brand, increase your followers and engagement, and ultimately, establish yourself as a prominent influencer in your niche.

About Us

Nextmedia is a consultant agency that specializes in life-long digital presence of media outlets and content creators, founded in 2021.

From day one, Nextmedia offers a wide variety of services including but not limited to media research and analysis, consultations and planning.

OUR VISION: Transforming your value into an organized, accelerated, and premium connected digital media.